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    Bohm Law Firm, P.C., assists people in all areas related to Trusts and Estates, including drafting wills and trusts, probate of wills, and real estate transactions.

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    Bohm Law Firm, P.C., provides clients with high quality estate planning services, such as wills, trusts, power of attorneys, health proxies, etc. It also handles various real estate transactions, including sales, purchases, rentals, and closings.

  • Our Mission
    Assist people in transferring their assets to loved ones in the most efficient manner, help with end-of-life matters, and guide executors and administrators through the complex estate system. 
  • Explain complicated real estate process to clients and ensure they get the best possible deal. 

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    43 W 43rd St, Suite 68, New York, N.Y. 10036
  • 1301 Coney Island Avenue, Suite 2A, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230
  • 558 Grand Concourse, PO Box #1482, Bronx, NY, 10461

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    • Since 2011

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